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Here is our pitch from the Swiss Fintech Investor Day in Zurich:

If you have only 10 seconds — here is the 10 seconds version:


Here is the transcript:

Hello, I am Martin. I’m Co-Founder and CEO of We are crypto credit marketplace and we are creating programmable elastic crypto credit money.

Let’s start with the use-case. It’s about credit-markets. On one side we have Luiza from Poland, she needs credit. On the another side, we have Walter from Germany, 48 years old, established, a little bit gray hair – lucky one who invested early into the Ethereum.

These are the want’s – by putting all these wants together we will get the crypto-currency credit-market. And it’s a global credit market for lending and borrowing.

What are the problems? We see the two key problems:

  • The first one: the current market, as it’s implemented is very over-collateralized. It’s a margin calls market with a very high probability of margin calls. We call it cripple credit market. Although it’s a cripple credit market – the lending volume has been 1 Billion USD.

  • The second problem – if we speak of lending, if we speak of commercial banking, there is always the question – it’s lending and it’s creating money. In Switzerland, 97% of the money has been created by commercial banks.

Let’s look at the Federal Reserve. It provides the base-money supply and on top is the credit-money. Let’s look on ECB – it provides the base-money and on top of it the credit-money. The same in Switzerland.

The big question is – how is it working in the crypto sphere, who will create the credit-money for the crypto sphere. Are the commercial banks creating credit-money for the crypto-sphere or is the crypto-economy creating the crypto-sphere crypto-money? That’s where we are.

Let’s speak of the past. The credit-money has been there for 5’000 years. Created first in Mesopotamia, used in Phonecia, used in Hanseatic network, in many times in history. It has been decentrally created credit-money. That’s what we want to achieve.

So, our solution – – is a two-step system – from one side decentral credit marketplace for ether and stable coin lending; from another side, we are creating programmable elastic crypto credit-money in the lending process – we call it Smart Money tokens.

What does this programmable elastic credit money mean? With respect to all our competitors – there are two boxes here – and all our competitors are here in the left box – they are lending, borrowing, they are just intermediating between them (between the lender and borrower).

On the right side, there is a bigger box – that’s where we are. That means we are in all these together – we are a marketplace and we are creating liquidity for the lenders, which they can pass on to the next persons, and so on and so on. We are creating decentral credit money.

So, how does it then work in the crypto? We take the loan agreements, we tokenize them, and these tokens can be passed on to the next persons, One Smart Money token is worth at least one Ether or one stablecoin, underlying currency, which we are using. We have a protection mechanism, it’s a decentral community-based protection mechanism. And this means the Smart Money tokens can be passed on to the next parties, next parties, next parties – we are creating credit supply for the lenders.

The market – there are now 130 million crypto users, by the end of this year it’s 150 million, by the end of next year it’s 500 million. It’s an exponentially growing market. We are focussing on millennials – these are 55% of this. And from them, it’s 10%, who have the financing needs. So, our market size is like 6 million people and exponentially growing.

Our Competition – with all respect to our competition – we did a lot of number crunching – the existing business models are over-collateralized, there are long processes, there are no insurance or protection mechanisms, no-one is providing the crypto credit-money. We are doing all of this. That’s a small difference.

The Go-To-Market – it’s three pillars. The first one is the community. If we are building decentral systems, then everything is about the community. We are building it through he ICO marketing, we are building it via airdrops, community market. Second, it’s viral marketing – because Smart Money tokens are free marketing for us. It’s are the lenders who are doing marketing for us, to create liquidity for themselves. The third one – the credit marketplace – it fits with any wallet, with any marketplace, it’s an integration.

Our Roadmap – we started one year ago. We have our Whitepaper, we have our Pilot running, actually now the Pilot Phase II, we are completing our MVP in December. We started with whitelisting to start to build up the community. And we are focusing now to get 10’000 whitelisting, to start with the ICO.

The Team – these are some of our pictures. It’s me – I have been working 10 years in banking, my twin brother – as well 10 years in the banking. There are many other people in the team – we have 100+ years of finance experience, 50 years crypto experience, 10 years of artificial intelligence experience. That’s our team – we are the experts.

The Summary – the Bitcoin defined the base money for the Internet, the monetary systems don’t need only the base money, but they need the credit-money. So, what we will do is – we will create credit money for the Internet. We will create decentral programmable elastic credit money. Meaning our impact will be the same to the commercial banks as the impact of Skype to the telcos.

Thank you. I was a little bit faster. So, let’s move to the questions.

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