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Borrow Crypto

Borrow cryptocurrencies and stablecoins with 2 clicks.

Crypto Credit Score
Provided by
Base Rewards 3.00


Type A Loan
Interest Rate

Loan Amount
0.069443 ETH
To Repay
0.070832 ETH
Collateral Ratio

To Deposit
377.5474 USDC
Due Date
Jul 1, 2024

How to Borrow’s decentralized peer-to-peer global lending marketplace connects lenders and borrowers without intermediaries.

Step 1

Define Your Loan Request

Choose collateral and decide the terms.

Step 2


After you approve the terms, our platform will do the matching and you will receive your funds.

How does it work?
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Crypto Loans with

You may be familiar with traditional loans from banks and credit unions when it comes to managing your finances. Crypto loans, however, are a new player.

Crypto loans allow you to borrow money with your cryptocurrency as collateral. Traditional loans are centralized, whereas crypto loans are decentralized. Therefore, you won't have to worry about a credit check or a long application process to receive a loan.

Moreover, you can pay back your loan in a variety of currencies like Ethereum, USDT, USDC, etc. according to your convenience. Crypto loans may be an option worth exploring if you're in need of extra cash and have some cryptocurrency to spare.