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Stake SMARTCREDIT to Earn Rewards

Earn high staking rewards via SMARTCREDIT token.

1,086,910+ SMARTCREDIT Tokens
Staked By The Community
15% APY
Earn up to 25% APY by staking SMARTCREDIT Tokens
Gasless Re-stake
Stake your rewards without paying any gas fees
Claimable Rewards
Claim or gasless re-stake your rewards 90 days from staking


Staking rewards are offered to the SMARTCREDIT holders.

Step 1

Create staking contract

Connect your wallet and create a staking contract.

Step 2

Make deposit

The staker must deposit for at least 90 days to receive the rewards.

How does staking work?
What is Gasless Re-staking?

What is Staking?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are becoming increasingly interested in the concept of staking. The purpose of staking is to secure the network and validate transactions by storing a certain amount of a particular cryptocurrency in a wallet for a specified period of time.

Staking rewards users with additional coins, giving them an incentive to hold onto their investments. By staking, users can earn passive income while contributing to the growth and stability of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

By staking SMARTCREDIT tokens, you can also earn additional rewards. You can stake your SMARTCREDIT tokens via our application by buying some SMARTCREDIT tokens. In your staking dashboard, you will find all the necessary information.