Crypto loans and DeFi Fixed Income Funds

Provide and get loans instantly

hand defi solution illustration

Crypto loans and DeFi Fixed Income Funds

Provide and get loans instantly

hand defi solution illustration

What we're doing

The SmartCredit team created an user friendly platform to leverage your assets like a banker. You can get or provide crypto loans within 3 minutes. Use our platform to put your assets to work for you or get loan to meet your needs. Basically is a platform which gives opportunity to earn fixed interest and get crypto loans instantly.


If you want to get crypto loan or earn interest on your crypto, you will fall in love with

Borrow Crypto

Stablecoins and ETH. Get crypto loans within 3 minutes

Personal Fixed Income Fund

Not money market fund, but Fixed Income Fund. Swiss style solution for your assets

Lend Crypto

Lend stablecoins and ETH

Low Collateral Ratio

Lowest Collateral Ratio in the industry for crypto loans.

Fixed Interest Rate

No fluctuating interest rate for the borrowers or lenders. We're protecting your assets and income

Fixed Term

Fixed-term loans for the borrowers and lenders - that’s how we reduce the collateral ratio

Partners & Listings

Along with our DeFi lending platform with a low collateral ratio for the borrowers and personal fixed-income funds for the lenders we're continuously integrating our innovation with the future oriented companies.

Why we're doing

Imagine a world, where citizens of capital-exporting countries can easily offer their surplus capital to people who need it, where citizens of capital-importing countries can more easily access capital to turn their dreams into reality, where decentralized credit can be offered peer to peer from one global citizen to another without intermediaries or high service fees – all in an instantaneous manner.

How it works

Here's the process of

Step 1

Submit Loan Request

Borrower will submit his fixed-term loan request

Step 2

Transfer Collateral

Borrower will transfer collateral into his loan request smart contract

Step 3

Lender Earns

Active Lender or a Personal Fixed Income Fund will send funds to the Loan Contract, which transfers funds to the Borrower

Step 4

Borrower Gets Loan

Borrower receives his collateral back after he pays his loan


2020 August

Release 1.0


2021 February

3'000 registered users

First achievement

2021 April

Release 1.1

Fixed Income Funds

2021 August

Release 1.2

Utility of token and more


Ex Credit Suisse Seniors with an inside-out banking understanding

martin ploom

Martin Ploom

Co-Founder & CEO

Ex VP Credit Suisse Zürich, Switzerland. Before Credit Suisse, he launched 4 successful products with 250'000+ users. He is an MBA, CFA, and Dipl. Inf.

tarmo ploom

Tarmo Ploom

Co-Founder & CTO

Ex Chief-Architect Finnova Banking Platform, EX VP Credit Suisse Global Architecture. He is Ph.D., MBA, CFA, and CAIA

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