Our Strategic Partners

Along with our DeFi lending platform with a low collateral ratio for borrowers and personal fixed-income funds for lenders, we’re continuously integrating our innovation with future-oriented companies.

Benefits for Partners

Integrate our borrowing widget, lending widget, loan calculator widget, or Credit As A Service API within minutes.

We share the loan origination fees with our partners

Lifetime value to our partners.

We can list your tokens as collateral for borrowing

Add more utility to your tokens. Your token holders can monetize their tokens without selling them.

We allocate SMARTCREDIT tokens to our partners based on loan volume

Customers of partners will be customers of partners forever, independently of the channel.

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Crypto Credit API

If you are the owner of a platform that offers cryptocurrency-based solutions, you can integrate the crypto credit service into your platform using SmartCredit.io APIs and widgets.

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