Why Do Borrowers need Low Collateral Ratio?

Most of crypto lending platforms advertise their interest rates, as the key benefit for the borrowers and lenders on their platforms. But are the interest

Why is DAI Interest Rate 10% in DeFi?

DAI interest rate is around 10% in DeFi. Considering the current low yield on most of the investment classes and the upcoming negative interest era,

SmartCredit.io Demo

SmartCredit.io Pilot is available and everyone can use it

SmartCredit.io Interview with Bull.io

Here is a SmartCredit.io interview with Bull.io from June 2019 from Bristol, UK: Here is the transcript: Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. If

Crypto Credit Money

Crypto Credit-Money – Why do we need it?

We presented at the Blockercon Conference in Bristol (https://blockercon.com) in June 2019 our favorite topic – Crypto Credit-Money – Why do we need it? Presentation

SmartCredit.io Pitch from Paris Blockchain Week

Here is SmartCredit.io pitch — 3 minutes and 40 seconds — from the Paris Blockchain Week. Enjoy! SmartCredit.io Pitch Transcript So, we are in the lending business, in the

Lecture – HWZ Zürich, SmartCredit.io Deep Dive

We were honored to give a SmartCredit.io Deep Dive lecture at the HWZ Zürich Blockchain seminar (https://fh-hwz.ch/produkt/cas-blockchain-economy/) Here are our presentation slides. In the following,

SmartCredit.io Crypto Lending Idea

Here is the Youtube video explaining the idea of SmartCredit.io Here is the transcript Hi guys, this is Tarmo speaking. Hi guys, I’m Martin, I’m