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What Will Happen to Bitcoin (Looming Financial Crisis)?

What will happen to Bitcoin in the upcoming financial crisis? Will Bitcoin price collapse or will Bitcoin be one of the best performers?

What will happen to Bitcoin in the upcoming financial crisis? Coronavirus has caused economic shock via the lockdowns. Unfortunately, it will be followed by the biggest economic recession since the Great Depression 1929-1933.

Our Webinar Series

We started with the regular webinar series with the focus on the blockchain, crypto lending, and coronavirus economic crisis. We host the webinar every Sunday, 15:00 CET (Central European Time):

Key questions in the webinar

During the webinar, we answer the following questions:

  • What is happening in the markets now and why?
  • In which phases will the coronavirus crisis play out?
  • What’s happening with bitcoin? Will there be the next Bitcoin crash? Will there be a crypto crash?

Here is the recording of the webinar:


  • Central banks will respond to the coronavirus crisis with massive money printing (base-money creation). The Federal Reserve has increased his balance sheet by 50% within 2 months, in the next 12 months further 100% increase will follow.
  • Governments have launched massive stimulus packages, but as there will be fewer creditors for government debt, then central banks have to finance governments. This will require additional base-money creation from the central banks.
  • This will lead after the initial deflationary shock to an inflationary shock. In the later one, the people start to lose trust in the fiat currencies
  • All monetary assets will perform in this environment – Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum. Their advantage is that they are not manipulatable in supply as the fiat base money is manipulatable by the central banks
  • The inflationary shock will lead to a banking crisis and bank nationalization. This will be followed by the monetary reset.
  • This results even in a bigger price increase of the monetary assets (including Bitcoin)

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Please note, this is not financial advice. Therefore, you should always consult with your financial advisor before you make investment decisions.

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