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Webinar – Coronavirus market crisis, where to invest 5’000$ ?

Webinar - Coronavirus crisis has caused economic recession. However, every recession is an opportunity.. Where to invest 5'000$ now?

Every crisis is an opportunity – where to invest in coronavirus crisis?

Our Webinar Series

We started with the regular webinar series with the focus on the blockchain, crypto lending, and coronavirus economic crisis. Our webinars are every Sunday, 15:00 CET (Central European Time):

Key Questions

  • What is happening in the markets and why is it happening?
  • In which phases will the coronavirus crisis play out?
  • Where are the opportunities and where to invest now?

Here is the recording of our second webinar:



The key takeaways from the webinar are the following:

  • The coronavirus lockdowns have caused the worldwide recession
  • As a result, the central banks will respond with the massive base-money creation (money printing) and the governments with massive stimulus packages (via additional government debts). They hope to stop the recession
  • But, these responses will not be enough and the second phase of the crisis will be triggered – that’s where the zombie companies will start to fail
  • As a result, massive losses banks losses occur. This will lead to the recapitalization via additional money printing and government debt. In the end, the banks will be nationalized
  • As a result, this massive money printing will lead to the hyper-inflation and the monetary reset (probably gold-backed monetary system)

We see potential in the following investment strategies:

  • Stocks – sell them
  • Bonds – sell them, except the U.S. Treasury bills
  • Monetary assets – Gold, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Silver – accumulate them
  • Decoupled traditional industries – accumulate them
  • Decoupled blockchain industries – accumulate them

Additional information is available in the following blog articles:

Please note, this is not financial advice. Therefore, you should always consult with your financial advisor before you make investment decisions.

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