Webinar – Coronavirus Economic Crash – Where is the difference to 2008 Financial Crisis?

Coronavirus economic crash – What is the difference between Coronavirus economic crash and the 2008 financial crisis?

Our Webinar Series

We started with the regular webinar series with the focus on the Blockchain, Crypto lending, and coronavirus economic crisis. We host the webinar every Sunday, 15:00 CET (Central European Time):

Key Questions

Coronavirus has caused by the time of writing 1’600’000 infections and 96’000 deaths. As a result, most of the countries and their economies have been put on lockdown. This lockdown has caused an economic downturn and, as a result, the worldwide recession started.

The coronavirus crisis with rising unemployment and economic crash caused fear. However, every crisis is an opportunity. At first, we need to understand what is happening. After that, we can decide what to do.

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During the webinar, we answered the following questions:

  • What is happening in the markets now and why?
  • In which phases will the crisis play out?
  • Is a recession coming?
  • 2008 financial crisis vs. 2020 recession – what is the difference?

Here is the Youtube link of our webinar:


The key takeaways from this webinar are the following:

  • The coronavirus lockdowns have caused the worldwide recession
  • The key phases of the crisis are:
    • As first, declining revenues and valuations of the companies
    • As next, zombie companies will start to default on their loans. It’s because these companies cannot produce enough revenues to cover their high-interest expense
    • As next, the banks are getting heave losses and start to fail because they have to cover their losses with their equity
    • As next, a Monetary reset will follow. This will lead step to the new gold standard
  • The coronavirus crisis is driven by the real economy. As next, it will transform into a banking crisis. And next, it will transform into a monetary reset
  • The 2008 financial crisis was at first the banking crisis, which was triggered by the subprime mortgages. However, this crisis was aggressively contained by the central banks with their money printing and by the government’s with their fiscal stimulus

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Please note, this is not financial advice. You should always consult with your financial advisor before investment decisions.



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