Capability to Borrow

What really matters for the borrower? Answer – Capability to borrow.

There are the custodian and non-custodian crypto lending platforms. The key difference between them is who controls the assets - the first ones control your crypto assets, by the second... approach

Why are the collateralization ratios so high in DeFi Protocols?

The current collateralization ratios are ca 300% + for the DeFi borrowing/lending protocols. These ratios benefit the lenders on these platforms because over-collateralization protects their loans. However, these ratios reduce...


The Self-Reinforcing Ecosystem

Our aim in is to create a self-reinforcing crypto lending/borrowing platform. Sounds easy, but how to achieve this? There are three key components of the ecosystem. The interplay... - One Pager

Interview with

Here is an interview with from June 2019 from Bristol, UK: Here is the transcript:   Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. If you can tell us your...

Where is the credit-money in the crypto sphere?

Conference presentation – crypto credit-money – why do we need it?

We were presenting at the Blockercon Conference in Bristol ( in June 2019 about our favorite topic - Crypto Credit-Money - Why do we need it? Here are the Slideshare...

Where is the credit-money in the crypto sphere?

Pitch at Paris Blockchain Week

Here is our pitch — 3 minutes and 40 seconds — from the Paris Blockchain Week. Enjoy!  Here is the transcript: So, we are in the lending business, in the credit business, in...

Programmable Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Lecture – HWZ Zürich, Deep Dive

We were hounoured to give a deep dive lecture at the HWZ Zürich Blockchain course ( Here are our slides: About the monetary systems and the credit-money About (

Where is the credit-money in the crypto sphere? Pilot Demo Pilot is available and everyone can use it now. One-Pager Here is a one-slider what we are doing - others offer decentral marketplaces, borrowers and lenders meet there and...

Programmable Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Conference Presentation – Why do we need Crypto Credit Money?

I was presenting on 28th of November 2018 at the conference in Tallinn, Estonia about the monetary systems and about why one will need credit money in the crypto...

Programmable Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Idea of

Here is the Youtube video explaining the idea of Here is the transcript: Hi guys, this is Tarmo speaking. Hi guys, I'm Martin, I'm Co-Founder of We are...

Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Newsletter 1: Jon Matonis joins as an Advisor / Prototype is available is a Swiss-based project launched by veterans in the cryptocurrency, finance, technology, and artificial intelligence fields. “The Bitcoin whitepaper defined the base-money for the Internet. defines the credit-money...