Roadmap to crypto fixed income markets

Compound and Roadmap to Crypto Fixed Income Markets

Traditional fixed income markets have emerged in the last 350 years with: 19 trillion USD base money (central banking created money – M0 money) 36 trillion USD narrow money (M1 money)...


The Self-Reinforcing Ecosystem

Our aim in is to create self-reinforcing crypto lending/borrowing platform. Sounds easy, but how to achieve this? There are three key components of the ecosystem. The interplay of... - One Pager

Interview with

Here is an interview with from June 2019 from Bristol, UK: Here is the transcipt:   Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. If you can tell us your...

Programmable Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Lecture – HWZ Zürich, Deep Dive

We were hounoured to give a deep dive lecture at the HWZ Zürich Blockchain course ( Here are our slides: About the monetary systems and the credit-money About (

Where is the credit-money in the crypto sphere? Pilot Demo Pilot is available and everyone can use it now. One-Pager Here is a one-slider what we are doing - other's offer decentral marketplaces, borrowers and lenders meet there and... - One Pager

Pitch at the Swiss Fintech Investor Day in Zurich

Here is our pitch from the Swiss Fintech Investor Day in Zurich:  If you have only 10 seconds — here is the 10 seconds version:   Here is the transcript: Hello,...

Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Newsletter 1: Jon Matonis joins as an Advisor / Prototype is available is a Swiss-based project launched by veterans in the cryptocurrency, finance, technology and artificial intelligence fields. “The Bitcoin whitepaper defined the base money for the Internet. defines the credit...