CryptoFin Conference

How to disintermediate the banks?

Here is our talk from the CryptoFin Conference from October 2019 in Tallinn about how to disintermediate the banks: Here is the short summary. We need: More tokenization Crypto credit-money...

How much is the crypto interest?

What drives the interest in the crypto economy and how much should it be?

In the previous article, we looked at what influences the fiat economy's interest. The focus of this article is the crypto economy. We have three parts here: 1. We look...

The hidden inflation

What drives the interest rate in the fiat economy and how much should it be?

In every monetary system, there is interest - the price to be paid for using someone else money. In this article, we focus on the “base interest” - i.e. how...

Where is the credit-money in the crypto sphere?

Conference presentation – crypto credit-money – why do we need it?

We were presenting at the Blockercon Conference in Bristol ( in June 2019 about our favorite topic - Crypto Credit-Money - Why do we need it? Here are the Slideshare...

Programmable Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Lecture – HWZ Zürich, Deep Dive

We were hounoured to give a deep dive lecture at the HWZ Zürich Blockchain course ( Here are our slides: About the monetary systems and the credit-money About (

Wealth Pyramide

Meet the Big Blue Elephant in the room

World today is to a big extent influenced by the wealth pyramid so that 1% of people own 46% wealth in the world. It is known, that the rich become...

Monetary systems classification

Crypto credit money — Will this time be different?

In the previous article, we looked at the two dimensions of money — base-money and credit-money. We also looked at the different kinds of monetary systems that existed in the last 5’000...

How credit money is created and destroyed

Will there be credit-money in the crypto sphere?

During presentations about money, we usually hear that money has to be durable, portable, divisible and fungible. We fully agree with this distinction. However, there is a bigger picture. Money...

Programmable Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Conference Presentation – Why do we need Crypto Credit Money?

I was presenting on 28th of November 2018 at the conference in Tallinn, Estonia about the monetary systems and about why one will need credit money in the crypto... - One Pager

Pitch at the Swiss Fintech Investor Day in Zurich

Here is our pitch from the Swiss Fintech Investor Day in Zurich:  If you have only 10 seconds — here is the 10 seconds version:   Here is the transcript: Hello,...

Programmable Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Idea of

Here is the Youtube video explaining the idea of Here is the transcript: Hi guys, this is Tarmo speaking. Hi guys, I'm Martin, I'm Co-Founder of We are...

Classification of Monetary Systems

From decentral credit-money to central-credit money and back

In this video, we discuss the essence of the credit-money - of different incarnations of the credit-money in the last 5'000 years and about what will happen as next. For... - One Pager

Newsletter 2: — Thought Leadership is a Swiss-based project launched by veterans in the cryptocurrency, finance, technology, and artificial intelligence fields “The Bitcoin whitepaper defined the base money for the Internet. defines the...

Bitcoin historical price

Bullish Case for Bitcoin Valuation

Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone and anywhere in the world. There are many differences to other currencies: · Other currencies are issued by Central...