Earn from 30% to 80% APY by staking SMARTCREDIT Tokens.

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Staking with

Our new release enables staking for all holders.

Weekly Staking Rewards

Every week, 4,327 SMARTCREDIT tokens will be distributed as staking rewards. Staking rewards will be assigned every Sunday, 12:00 UTC.

Fixed Term

The user must keep his SMARTCREDIT in staking for at least 90 days. If a user withdraws before 90 days, he will lose his rewards.

Gassless Re-Staking

Gasless re-staking allows to re-stake the staking rewards with 0 gas costs. Staking rewards are assigned every Sunday, 12:00 UTC. Stakers could re-stake their rewards every week after that.

How to stake SMARTCREDIT allocates weekly 4,327 SMARTCREDIT tokens to stakers via Visit Staking documentation page.

  1. Buy SMARTCREDIT and login the application.
  2. Create a staking contract.
  3. Make a deposit.
  4. Claim rewards after 90 days.

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