SmartCredit Token

We have seen that the crypto-economy has limited fixed-income capabilities. With our project, we want to fill this gap and add real value to the crypto users — to the borrowers, lenders, and passive investors.

SmartCredit Token

Price Details

The SmartCredit Token wallet is enabled for deposits and withdrawals. The USDT-SMARTCREDIT market is now open for trading.

Token Details

The vision is to provide the key components of the alternate blockchain-based financial system — the crypto lending/borrowing, the fixed income funds and the integrations. Release 1.1 Beta

We are very excited to announce that Release 1.1 Beta is starting.

SmartCredit Token Model

For the last month, many of you have been asking us about our token metrics. With the upcoming token sale in mind, we’re finally happy to share the Tokenomics of the SMARCREDIT Token with our community.

SmartCredit Token Utility

The will mint 25’000’000 tokens. What will be their utility? Self-Reinforcing Crypto Lending Ecosystem’s vision is to create a self-reinforcing DeFi lending platform. The first version of our non-custodial crypto lending platform available in the Ethereum main-net:’s vision is to enable the alternate financial system on the Blockchain.


All your questions about SmartCredit Token answered.

The tokens serve as a utility token and loyalty token on the platform. is taking a 0.5% fee on the loan originations and there is as well the Loss Provision Fund fee. The borrower will be able to use our tokens as a means of payment on our platform. Platform users can use tokens to pay their gas fees as well. Additionally, platform users and B2B partners will be rewarded with the tokens.

The tokens serve as means of voting — the key decisions will be put for the vote to the community. We will do what our community decides to do.

The borrower’s, lender’s and integration partners will be part of liquidity mining — they will be rewarded with tokens for their activity on our platform.

The tokens will serve as collateral for borrowing on the platform. loans are collateralized — we are using the main ERC20 tokens as collateral for the loans. And we add as well our token as a key collateral token for the borrowers.

Contract: 0x72e9d9038ce484ee986fea183f8d8df93f9ada13

You can use Bittrex Global and Uniswap to buy SmartCredit Token.