We proudly invite you to the pilot.

Key features of our crypto lending platform platform has the following key features:

  • A low collateral ratio for the borrowers. A low collateral ratio allows the borrowers to borrow more on the same asset basis. A lot of focus in crypto lending is on the interest rate. However, the interest rate is only one part of the picture. The other part is how much can the borrower borrow on his asset basis. We think the crypto lending market is borrower’s market. Therefore so much focus on this key feature for the borrowers.
  • Borrowing stablecoins (DAI) or Ethereum
  • Transferability of the loans for the lenders – every loan is converted into the “Credit-Coins“, we call them ccDAI and ccETH (“cc” for the “Credit-Coins“). This allows the lender to transfer the tokens of the loans to third parties, which can transfer them again and so on.¬† Principal and interest payments are done at the end of the loan to the holders of the ccDAI and ccETH.
  • Crypto Credit Score for the borrowers
  • Users control their private keys – we are a non-custodial crypto lending platform
  • A high number of collateral types – ca 50 different collateral types are available Pilot

Our pilot is running in the Ethereum test net. Google Chrome is recommended for the pilot.

Here is the list of supported wallets (our desktop application will connect to your wallet at the beginning. You would need to approve any transaction from your wallet – either for submitting collateral or giving loan or paying back the principal plus interest):

  1. Coinbase
  2. Trust
  3. Metamask
  4. Dapper
  5. Trezor
  6. Ledger
  7. Fortmatic
  8. Portis
  9. Squarelink
  10. Atheneum
  11. Wallet connect
  12. Opera
  13. OperaTouch
  14. Torus
  15. Status
  16. Unilogin
  17. Imtoken

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