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Here is a interview with from June 2019 from Bristol, UK:

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Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. If you can tell us your name and what project are you currently involved it?

I am Martin, I am a CEO and Co-Founder of What we are doing is a peer-to-peer marketplace, but now, here is a very big difference to all other crypto lending and powering marketplaces – what we are doing that loans are getting tokenized, they are very protected and they’re transferable.

So, on any other marketplace, you’re a lender, you lend out the money and you’re getting it back in three, six, nine months. In our marketplace, you lend out the money and you are getting the credit coins, which represent underlying loans. And you can use this credit coins to pay the next party who can pay the next parties, next parties and so on. And the owners on the end – they will receive the interest. It’s quite simple.

On what blockchain are you building on?

Our smart contracts are on the Ethereum system. But we have as well a lot of off-chain components. So that our philosophy is to go as well in the future to the other blockchains, which will keep only smart contracts on the blockchain but a lot of other logic we will keep in off-chain components.

And how do you find Ethereum so far?

I know a lot of other people are maybe criticizing Ethereum. I’m not one of them. I think Ethereum is a very genius innovation. I know, there is a lot of headache about this. Sometimes I think for us it’s good, it’s perfect. They had a first-mover advantage, there is most collateral on the system, most users are on this system, most real transactions are happening on this system. And our forecast is very easy – they were the first movers, they will stay there, they will have the biggest market share as well in the future. You can quote me in five years.

Where are you located?

We are located in Switzerland in Zurich

How is the Swiss government’s response to blockchain?

OK. I have to say now an official version and an unofficial version. The official version is of course that Swiss are declaring themselves a crypto nation. So, it’s very good to hear and there is a lot of PR about Swiss mountains and crypto and everything.

But then there is as well the reality for the young companies. For example in Switzerland if you mention the word blockchain – you are not getting the bank account. As simple it is. So there is a lot of talk about the crypto nation, but there are some small things which are very difficult for startups to do.

Bitcoin price?

Our first Bitcoin price forecast was from January 2014 published in Swiss CFA magazine. It was 10’000 this time.

When do you think it will be 100’000 USD?

It’s very good – you’re like reading my mind. Beginning of 2018 we published a new analysis because the Swiss CFA president he called me and said Martin oops, you were right, yeah oops, you were right. Can you write a new analysis? So we did it, we wrote a new analysis and we said in the next four years it will be 100’000.

So on what are we based? It’s just basic fundamental research, we’re looking very much the s-curve movements, we are looking for the number of growth (of users), we are are looking at the value-added and we are adding just these components together and then we get the price range – that’s our forecast.

So, whats about a million dollars?

1’000’000 USD – we haven’t looked so far. But we have to realize the monetary systems, usually, the monetary systems have existed like 60 years or 50 years. Then they are getting replaced with something new, with another monetary system.

Our current monetary system exists since Bretton Wood, 1944; since Nixon stopped the so-called gold window or gold exchangeability in 1971. So our monetary system will have as well the end, the logical end, and now it depends when this end is coming. When this end is coming I think Bitcoin price is getting much higher because there is a need for an alternate way to keep the assets and to secure the assets.

And what TV show are you currently watching?

I don’t watch any TV. No movies, no TV.

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