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SmartCredit.io is a licensed crypto lending/borrowing platform, which does things in a very different way – we focus on the borrower’s needs, we focus on the low collateral ratio for the borrowers!


Loan approval/liquidity guarantee to the first 100 borrowers​

We reimburse platform service fee till end of September

We offer low collateral ratio for the borrowers

We are DeFi platform, we have no way to access your assets

Crypto Loans
Boost your Success

Borrow ETH or stablecoins with a low collateral ratio. Use our Credit Scoring Module and get better interest requirements. Lenders receive transferable ccTokens for their loans (ccETH, ccDAI, …) . Hodlers receive interest for the ccTokens.



Borrowers have to use less collateral than on other DeFi platforms


As SmartCredit.io focuses on the borrowers, then there are always enough loan requests in the system

Passive Investors

Passive Investors earn interest via Private Fixed Income Funds


ccDAI and ccETH holders earn interest for their ccTokens

Other Platforms

Can integrate our Credit As A Service API and to earn loan origination revenues

About Us

SmartCredit.io vision is to provide blockchain-based decentral finance solutions. Our Co-Founders are CFA’s (Chartered Financial Analysts) and both of them worked 10 years as Vice Presidents for Credit-Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland. The company behind SmartCredit.io – DAB Foundation OÜ – is registered in Estonia and is a registered virtual currencies service provider.

Member Of

Finance Estonia
Chain Accelerator Paris
Crypto Valley Switzerland
Blockrocket Blockchain Labs
Martin Ploom

Martin Ploom

CEO & Co-Founder
Tarmo Ploom

Tarmo Ploom

CTO & Co-Founder
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Our product launch is in 2020 July

Users should be from the countries where crypto usage is legally allowed

Yes, SmartCredit.io is a crypto-lending platform

Our intention is to make SmartCredit.io a truly global platform. All major world languages will eventually be supported

You can lend ETH and stablecoins. You can use wide choice of tokens as a collateral

Our first release supports the desktop Chrome browser with ca 17 different wallets (Metamask being the most popular of them)