How to Login as a Lender


    To login in Application

    1. Go to ​
    2. Login screen appears
    3. In the case you have registered in ​​ enter your username and password.
    4. In the case you haven’t registered in ​​, register yourself as user in Onboarding Application (​​).

    Select Lender Role

    If it is your first login select the “Lender” role.
    In the case you have logged in before your role “Lender” has already been stored in your profile and you will not see the following screen.

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    Lender Connect ETH Account in Metamask

    In the case you haven’t used your ETH account in the application, MetaMask plugin screen appears, and you can connect your ETH account with the application.

    Lender Dashboard Screen

    After successful login, the lender dashboard screen appears.
    Borrower can see on this screen

    1. Number of total loans
    2. Value of total loans
    3. Number of active loans
    4. Value of active loans
    5. Number of repaid loans
    6. Value of repaid loans
    7. ccDAI tokens
    8. ccETH tokens

    in Lender