Crypto Loans

  • Low collateral ratio crypto loans to the borrowers
  • Tokenized and transferable crypto loans to the lenders
  • Private Fixed Income Funds for passive investors
  • Credit As A Service API to all crypto platforms
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How It Works

Step 1

Borrower Defines Loan Request

Step 2

Lender Accepts Loan Request

Step 3

Lender Uses Collateralized Credit Coins

Step 4

Borrower Pays Back the Loan


We add something very essential: low collateral crypto loans and transferability of the loans.

Decentral Marketplace

We offer peer-to-peer lending/borrowing of ether and stablecoins. You control your assets – we are non-custodial marketplace

Low Collateral for the Borrowers

Credit risk is managed through a combination of collateral, loss provisions, legal enforcement, credit scoring, and additional methods

Transferability of Loans for the Lenders

The lender will receive Credit-Coins for every loan. The lender can use Credit-Coins to pay third parties. Third parties can pay other parties with the Credit-Coins. Interest and principal are paid to the Credit-Coin holders at the loan expiration.

Passive Income for Passive Investors

The passive investor can define his investment rules for his private fixed income fund. The passive investor can relax – this fund invests as an automated investment engine.

Tokenization of Loans for the Lenders

Loan agreements are tokenized into freshly minted ERC20 Credit-Coins. Credit-Coins are interest-bearing and transferable. Credit-Coins are value protected with the collateral and loss provisions fund.

Automated Crypto Credit Score

All borrowers will be ranked via:
Analytics of borrowers social media profiles. Analytics of borrowers blockchain history. Psychometric analysis.Good Credit Score results in lower interest



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Benefits is for everyone


The vision is to solve the credit money problem in the crypto space by way of decentralized
peer-to-peer lending. This results in the creation of decentralized credit money for the crypto space.

  • 2017 October — Concept
  • 2017 December — Whitepaper
  • 2018 March — Prototype
  • 2018 May — Pilot Phase I
  • 2018 September — Pilot Phase II
  • 2019 January — Pilot Phase III
  • 2019 April — Registration and Public Pilot
  • 2020 April — Launch
  • 2020 Q3 — Launch Cross-Chain Collateral
  • After 10’000 Registrations — IEO

Meet the Team

Martin Ploom

Martin Ploom

Co-Founder & CEO

Tarmo Ploom

Tarmo Ploom

Co-Founder & CTO

Başak Burcu Yiğit

Başak Burcu Yiğit

Marketing & Business Development

Marc Lauper

Mark Lauper

Chief Creative Officer

Chris Bell

Christoph Bell

Legal Partner

Dunstan Teo

Dunstan Teo

Blockchain Architect

Meet the Advisory Board

Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis


Daniel Burgwinkel

Daniel Burgwinkel, Ph.D.

Blockchain Business Model Advisor

Asse Sauga

Asse Sauga


Daniel Mischler

Daniel Mischler


Bodo Naef

Bodo Näf

Banking Expert

Norbert Perrot

Norbert Perrot

Credit Risk Models Advisor

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Our product launch will be in 2020 April.

Creditors from any country may use However, borrowers should be from countries in which is officially launched.


Our intention is to make a truly global platform. All major world languages will eventually be supported.

Ether and ERC20 Ethereum tokens. When other smart contract platforms become popular, we will add support for them, too.

Our first release supports the desktop Chrome browser with Metamask. In subsequent releases, additional browsers and mobile platforms will be introduced.

USD 1 million

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