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10 Real Ways to Earn Crypto in 2021

Cryptocurrency is more valuable in 2021 than ever before. As of this article, one BitCoin is worth over $38,000 alone.

All forms of cryptocurrency continue to surge upwards in value as more and more people start to invest in it as a primary form of currency.

What if there were ways for you to earn crypto, or even better, earn free crypto?

Continue reading for ten real ways that you can earn cryptocurrency and build your wealth.

1. Crypto Fixed Income

Crypto fixed income is well-suited for use by passive investors. If you wanted a fixed income that is safe and significant in size, crypto fixed income is a great choice for you.

Crypto fixed income is nice because the amount of capital you have doesn’t need to be high. Your assets matter more than your capital, and your assets are what will allow you to make more money.

Custodial lending, non-custodial lending, and lending in exchanges are the primary supports of crypto fixed income.

Some benefits of crypto fixed income are that there are low collateral requirements if you wish to borrow, and there are many choices for picking collateral. This allows you to monetize your assets more.

Lending to borrowers allows you to set your investment rules. From that point, all you need to do is deposit funds, and you will start receiving passive income from what you lent.

Lending allows you to earn crypto by passive means and with minimal effort for you. It is a simple and lucrative way to earn interest in crypto and continue building up your income.

2. Mining Crypto

Mining is another great way to earn crypto. Depending on the cryptocurrency that you are mining, all that you need is your computer.

Mining crypto involves solving complex mathematical equations. Solving these equations validates transactions and allows more cryptocurrency to become available on the market.

You can earn cryptocurrency rewards by mining for crypto. By solving the complex mathematical equation, you are rewarded with a portion of the virtual coin that was certified.

3. DeFi Lending

DeFi Lending stands for decentralized finance, and it is a great option for earning crypto. DeFi lending allows you to invest your cryptocurrency and get an annual percentage rate on your investment.

This APR return is typically higher than the rates you could get through printed money like the U.S. Dollar. It consists of lending money to financial institutions like an insurance fund or a market maker.

There are two types of crypto lending: custodial lending and non-custodial lending. With custodial lending, the user does not control their assets, and the platform has possession of the private keys.

With non-custodial lending, the user has control over their assets, and the platform does not have possession of the private keys.

Custodial lending is 80% of the crypto lending market, and it consists of the user depositing their crypto coins into the platform’s wallet. The platform can then lend these assets to other users or lock them and use them as collateral.

The borrower can use stablecoins, fiat, or crypto through custodial lending. If the borrower is unable to pay the loan, their crypto is liquidated.

Non-Custodial lending is more focused on blockchain-based assets through Ethereum. With non-custodial, borrowers are only able to borrow in crypto or stablecoins.

There are many reasons why non-custodial lending is a better option than custodial lending. Custodial lending prevents the borrower from accessing their assets. Non-custodial lending works similarly to traditional banking systems.

Crypto lending can be difficult due to the high amounts of collateral but some lenders, like SmartCredit.io, offer much lower levels of collateral. This way, you can borrow substantially more while having to put down less.

4. Staking

Staking helps you earn crypto by validating additional cryptocurrencies. Similar to mining, staking happens when coins are validated through block validators. These block validators put their coins at stake, which guarantees the validity of the block.

Staking is similar to gambling. It’s a game of chance, where the more coins you have, the more likely you are to be chosen to validate new coins. It is a great method for increasing your stocks of crypto coins.

5. Airdrops

Airdrops are very useful for getting in on new cryptocurrencies before they start to grow and become more valuable. Airdrops are used as a promotional tactic to spread awareness of the new cryptocurrency to crypto users.

The usual method of airdrops is that you assist with tasks that the cryptocurrency needs help with. As payment, you receive some of the virtual tokens which the project had issued.

Some common tasks that you do for airdrops are following them on social media, sharing their posts with your own followers, creating an account on their platform, and downloading their app if they have one.

The best part of airdrops is that they are free, and you can trade or sell your virtual tokens for cash. It is a great and free way to earn crypto.

6. Microtasks

Microtasks are similar to airdrops. They are also called bounties, and they are a great way to earn crypto.

Microtasks are a little more complicated than the tasks that are required for airdrops. Some microtasks are making a review or testimonial of their cryptocurrency or writing a press release for the company.

By helping with these tasks, the company will reward you with virtual coins.

7. Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets are another way that you can earn crypto without investing your own money. It can be a time-consuming process, but it is proven to generate decent amounts of cryptocurrency.

Crypto faucets require you to complete surveys, watch advertisement videos, and even play games. They reward you for completing these tasks with a small portion of either BitCoin or Ethereum. Once you hit the minimum amount for withdrawal, that currency is yours to use to your liking.

8. Online Wallets

Another free way to earn crypto is through online wallets. New cryptocurrencies will use larger forms of crypto to launch their own currency.

As a promotional tactic, they will reward users with an online wallet through those larger currencies by giving them free coins of their newly released currency.

9. Cryptocurrency Dividends

Buying and holding stocks have been commonplace for decades now. You can do the same with cryptocurrency. Crypto dividends are great because you don’t need to do anything besides holding the currency to get one.

Like stocks, you need to evaluate the currency options and find which ones you think are the best to invest in. It’s a great way to earn crypto with minimal effort.

10. Work for a Cryptocurrency Company

Working for a cryptocurrency company comes with a lot of benefits. Getting paid in cryptocurrency is the primary bonus that comes with employment at a crypto company.

There are other benefits, like working remotely, but being paid in cryptocurrency is by far the biggest. Your paycheck can double or even triple in a matter of days, depending on how the company and the currency do.

Earn Crypto and Make It Work for You

There are a ton of ways that you can earn crypto, some of which are even free. From mining to staking to working for a crypto company—there is an option for everyone.

With cryptocurrency in greater use and more valuable now than ever before, now is the time to begin earning cryptocurrency.

Crypto lending is a great and simple way to start earning passive income with minimal effort while also allowing borrowers to grow their crypto wealth by investing.

Learn more here about crypto loans or look into crypto lending to earn interest in crypto. Start making cryptocurrency work for you.