Crypto Passive Income

Investing in promising cryptocurrencies does not necessarily mean taking big risks. Many methods that will provide passive income cryptocurrency have become popular in the cryptocurrency world for investors who do not want to actively follow exchange rates. We, as have created different are reliable and innovative methods and digital products for providing cryptocurrency passive income in the Blockchain world.

What is Crypto Passive Income? team, which enables the loan to be completed in just a few minutes, allows you to benefit from the Peer-To-Peer system. Thanks to our loan process that provides loss provisions and ımmediate liquidity for the lender, you can quickly and easily withdraw credit or provide passive income by lending money. If you do not want to go through a risky process due to highly volatile interest rates, collateral problems, or exchange differences, you can start the investment process immediately with that provide passive income within a secure and balanced environment.

One of our biggest goals as is to establish a money flow system that will enable all stakeholders to benefit from the advantages in the crypto money world and to generate income with a passive borrowing-lending mechanism instead of risky transactions with high volatility rates. We, as, ensure the solid growth of this broad credit ecosystem with two main aspects:

What will borrowers have?

  • By taking advantage of the low collateral requirements, borrowers can earn higher profits and retain their capital in the lending process.

What will passive investors have?

  • Investors who want to earn passive cash can manage a safe money-making process in a short time by taking advantage of borrowers’ credits and Personal Fixed Income Funds.

How You Can Earn Crypto Passive Income? offers you several different options:

  • You can either lend crypto to earn passive income
  • Or you can borrow cryptocurrency

How Do You Earn From Crypto?

At, we want to bring the credit system to the cryptocurrency world and also ensure that borrowers can freely transfer their money while they are still in the process of the loan term. They earn passive income with the crypto process does not have to be a process where you have no control over your money!

Simple Peer-to-Peer Credit

In this system, which allows individuals in the marketplace to give loans to each other within the frame of a specific P2P system, if the demands and expectations of borrower and lender about credit duration, loan amount, and interest rate match, loan agreement takes place. The competitive system allows borrowers to appeal to Ethereum with more favorable loan rates and lenders to a wider audience of borrowers.

Passive Investors Can Make Their Rule in Their Investment Experience Thanks to Personal Fixed Income Funds.

Passive investors will be able to invest in existing loans or new loans. In order to protect the investments made securely without requiring continuous control or immediate transactions, investor sets its own investment rules within the Smart Credit infrastructure. Then the fund, like an automated machine, is protected within the framework of the rules set by the investor. The person can sit back and enjoy the earn bitcoin passive income process.

Peer-to-Peer Merchant Credit

As Smart Credit, we care about supporting our merchants who want to support their purchases with the crypto money lending process and make the use of crypto money widespread in the financial world. With the peer-to-peer lending process, traders will have free trade and passive income by financing their product purchases with crypto money lending processes.

Spend Your Cryptocurrency Credit with Credit-Coins

Traders will be able to immediately transfer and actively use cryptocurrencies that cannot be transferred in our competitors’ systems during the loan term. protects the transferability of the credit received by converting them into Credit-Coins.

What Can do for You?

If you want to earn cryptocurrency passively, we would like to proudly state that we have solved many problems related to the cryptocurrency lending process that caused the borrowers’ funds to lose value. As Smart Credit, we can provide you with the following advantages:

  • Non-custodial lending – only borrowers/lenders control their assets; no-one else has access to the borrowers/lenders assets
  • Borrowers to have 2x smaller collateral requirements
  • Borrowers to have a wide choice of collateral
  • Lenders to receive loan tokens after creating loans. Lenders can use these loan tokens as a mean of payment (loans are tokenized and transferable)
  • Holders will receive interest for the loan tokens (interest-bearing to the holder)
  • Passive Investors will have “Private Fixed Income Funds”
  • non-custodial API for the other platforms – wallets, payment engines, marketplaces