Pilot Demo Pilot is available and everyone can use it now.


Here is a one-slider what we are doing – others offer decentral marketplaces, borrowers and lenders meet there and transactions are executed on this platform. We are the only ones, who add something very essential – it’s the transferability of the credit.


The lender will receive during the lending transactions the credit-coins, which represent their rights to the principal and interest. Credit-coins are value protected with the collateral and loss provision funds.

Tokenization of Credit

The lenders can use the Credit-coins to pay the next parties, which can pay the next parties and so on. The owners of the credit-coins will receive the interest and principal at the end of the loan. If the lender kept all his credit-coins, then he will receive all interest and principal. If the lender transfers parts of his credit-coins to the others, then interest and principal are paid out pro-rata.

On demand credit tokenization

On-demand credit tokenization

At the end of the loan period, the credit-coins are replaced with the underlying principal and interest payments. In case, if the borrower defaults, then the borrower’s collateral is liquidated and loss provisions fund will jump in to cover the difference (if there is any).

Self Re-Inforcing Ecosystem

Every marketplace needs to create supply and demand. ecosystem is doing this via three key components. The interplay of these components results in the self-reinforcements and positive feedback loop. These are the key components and the benefits to respective users:

  1. 2-click loans to the consumers
  2. private fixed-income funds to the investors for earning passive income on their crypto holdings
  3. credit tokenization and transferability to the lenders, so that they have immediate liquidity.


And please note – the client will always be in control of his private keys. The platform can never control or influence client assets!

The pilot demo scenario

The demo videos below have 4 steps:

  1. Borrower defines loan request
  2. The lender accepts a loan request
  3. The lender uses collateralized credit coins
  4. The borrower pays back the loan

Short video overview

This video show’s the demo script in a fast walkthrough. It’s 3 minutes long – enjoy:

Detailed video overview

The video explains the concepts and shows the full demo. It’s 19 minutes long – enjoy:

How to use the system

  1. Register in the
  2. Create two accounts — one for the borrower and the other one for the lender
  3. Use Google Chrome and Metamask
  4. Create in Metamask two accounts — one for the borrower and the other one for the lender
  5. Use Kovan Test Network
  6. Get some ETH on Kovan
  7. For the Collateral on the Kovan — the Test Tokens (TTT) — just send an e-mail to us via
  8. Access as a borrower
  9. Access as a lender
  10. Use to look on the Credit Coins and Ethereum transactions

If you have questions, please send us a message via Many thanks!


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