Lecture - FHNW Basel,  Blockchain Value Cases

Blockchain Value Cases

Here is the presentation about Blockchain Value Cases held at the University of Applied Sciences in Basel (via Slideshare):

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The short version is this – it’s all about the crossing the chasm:

SmartCredit.io solution to the Crypto Lending

  1. Non-custodial lending – only borrowers/lenders control their assets; no-one else has access to the borrowers/lenders assets
  2. Smaller collateral requirements for the borrowers than the industry standard
  3. Wide choice of collateral for the borrowers
  4. Fixed-term loans – this allows borrowers to reduce the collateral requirements
  5. Fixed Interest loans – this protects borrowers and lenders aginst the herding movements on the markets
  6. Lenders receive loan tokens (Credit-Coins). Lenders can use these loan tokens as a mean of payment (loans are tokenized and transferable)
  7. Holders of Credit-Coins will receive interest for the loan tokens – Credit-Coins are interest-bearing to the holder
  8. Personal  Fixed Income Funds, enable a passive income for passive investors
  9. Non-custodial API for the other platforms – wallets, payment engines, marketplaces.

Additional information

For more information, please use our application

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